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Colwell Arts Centre is now open on a strict appointment-only basis. To collect, return or exchange an instrument, please contact us at glosmusic@gloucestershire.gov.uk to make an appointment.


Lessons you can take:

We offer clarinet lessons through our small group/individual tuition scheme (school dependant).

When to start:

School years 5 - 6 Very much depends on arm length and hand size.



We charge £26.90 per term plus VAT where applicable. Find out more about hiring from us.


From about £300 for a new 'student' quality outfit (clarinet & case). Advanced students should be prepared to spend more. Secondhand instruments are readily available but don't buy second-hand without seeking your teacher's advice.

NOTE: Orchestras require you to have two instruments - in Bb and A. (GM orchestras will loan you an A clarinet free of charge but long term you will need to buy).


Reeds need replacing often - about £2. Otherwise very little - apart from occasional adjustments and pad replacement.



Not too difficult to play - particularly in the early stages. Wide range of music written for the instrument. Opportunities to play in wind bands and orchestras.


Most orchestras only have two or three clarinet places so there is intense competition. Limited opportunities to play in jazz or folk groups (for this reason many clarinetists 'double' on the saxophone).

Find out more about the clarinet from the BBC’s guide to the orchestra.

GM 'Get Playing' Video Series

How to assemble your clarinet

Making your first sound

First three notes

First five notes


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