Centre Partially Re-Opened

Colwell Arts Centre has now partially re-opened for new instrument hires, and existing hirers to return or exchange instruments. We are operating an appointment-based system so please contact glosmusic@gloucestershire.gov.uk with any enquiries or to book your appointment.


Covid-19 - News

Please note that all rehearsals and concerts have been cancelled until further notice, keeping in line with the Government's direction on COVID-19.

Click on the link to explore all the ways that you can keep playing and making music until we can all get together again!

Keep safe everyone from the Gloucestershire Music Team

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Your clarinet will come with a reed and cork grease.  At your first lesson your teacher will show you how to correctly assemble your clarinet, and they will put the reed in place. The reed is delicate and once split or damaged will no longer be useful.

It is essential to have some spare reeds.  They come in different strengths notated by numbers (i.e. 1.5 / 2 / 2.5). Beginners should opt for a 1.5 strength reed.  When you buy a reed, make sure it is for a B Flat clarinet. Reeds are relatively inexpensive and should be available from all good music shops. If ordering online then you may have to buy in bulk (packs of 10 or above), but this can prove cheaper in the long-run.

Hygiene. It is important to keep your clarinet clean. You will need to purchase/make a pull-through to clean the moisture from you clarinet.  At the end of each practise session, use a clarinet pull-through to ensure the inside is clean and dry – your teacher will help you do this.  Use cork grease occasionally to keep the different sections fitting well.

Your instrument is yours to look after – do not allow anyone else to play your clarinet! Keep your clarinet in the case when you are not playing it.

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